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The Swiss Army knife was first issued to the soldiers of the Swiss Army back in 1891. Registration of the knife followed in 1897. For over a century the Swiss Army pocket knife has been sold through out the world. It has become one of the worlds most recognized hallmarks of versatility, reliability and functionality. Swiss Army knives are found in many styles and useful configurations and provide their owners with years of quality service.

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Recruit Swiss Army Knife
Trailmaster Lockblade Swiss Army Knife
Inova Microlight/Translucent Signature II combination set
Inova Microlight / Translucent Signature II Set
Rambler Swiss Army Knife
SwissChamp Swiss Army Knife
CyberTool 34 Swiss Army Knife
Classic Swiss Army Knife
Swiss Army Brand 'Classic' Transparent Emerald Knife
Fisherman Swiss Army Knife
Manager II Swiss Army Knife
Camper Swiss Army Knife
Swiss Army Brand 'Classic' Transparent Ruby Knife
Brushed Metal Swiss Army Knife
Auto Tool Swiss Army Knife
Ranger Swiss Army Knife
Traveler's Kit Black Leather Pouch Swiss Army Knife
Money Clip Swiss Army Knife
Mini Champ II Swiss Army Knife
Boy Scout Sentry Swiss Army Knife
Pocket Pal Cub Scout Swiss Army Knife
SwissChamp Swiss Army Knife
Mechanic Swiss Army Knife


A Swiss Army Knife makes a great gift idea for Campers, Fishermen, Hunters & Hikers!

Sold in USA - Canada - UK - North America - South America - Europe - Asia - Africa - Australia


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